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Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Adelaide

Work & Motor Vehicle Accident Rehabilitation


Clients suffering from a work or motor vehicle injury are required to be initially assessed by a medical doctor who will organise form therapy as well as investigations. Clients who then come to the Practice are fully assessed over the first few sessions where a full verbal and physical examination are undertaken. From this examination, a rehab treatment plan is devised which incorporates the goals of the client and the findings of the Physiotherapist.




A treatment program will usually follow a series of stages which differ in time depending on the type of injury.


stage 1 - hands on physiotherapy

Initially we are aiming to alleviate the symptoms and quickly restore as much movement as possible.


stage 2 - home exercise program

Teaching the client rehab methods of alleviating their symptoms while helping to prevent re-injury and allow healing.


stage 3 - hydrotherapy-adelaide

In the case of severe injury, getting moving early can really help and hydrotherapy-adelaide is an environment without the normal stresses of gravity, where easier movement is possible.


Hydrotherapy is often the environment where a client starts their rehabilitation, but they usually progress on to a land based exercise program that is able to get more specific and focus on function.


stage 4 - pilates program

A Pilates program can be developed that meets the specific needs of the client and gets them moving as early as possible. Exercises are initially supportive and done without aggravation of symptoms.


As the client progresses, the resistance and difficulty of movements increases. At all times the particular stresses of the client's job are considered and exercises are chosen to replicate these loads.


stage 5 - gym programs

For many clients getting into the gym and then undertaking an independent but monitored program is a way of progressing into a normal non-rehabilitation environment. These programs are focused on improving general fitness and strength in functional positions. We come to your local gym and set up the program on the equipment that you will be using. Rehab programs are monitored periodically to progress as the client improves.


On top of guiding the client through the rehabilitation process it is the responsibility of the therapist to regularly communicate with the doctor regarding the client's progress.


Work site assessments may be undertaken by the physiotherapist to evaluate the exact work stresses on the client and aid in an appropriate and graduated return to work program. Such assessments are also able to provide important information that makes the exercise rehabilitating extra specific.


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