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Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Adelaide

Post Natal Complaints


low back pain

After giving birth, many women experience low back pain. Physiotherapy treatments such as mobilisation, soft tissue techniques, stretching, strengthening, hydrotherapy-adelaide and Pilates based exercise programs can be used to reduce symptoms.




sacroiliac joint pain

The Sacroiliac joints (SIJ’s) are located at the very bottom of the back. The pain is often one-sided and may be concentrated in your buttocks (Sturesson et al 1997). After pregnancy, women may still have hyper mobile joints which can be painful. Physiotherapy can help by providing patients with hands on treatment, strengthening exercises, hydrotherapy-adelaide and a Pilates based exercise program, to help relieve symptoms and regain muscle tone.


pelvic floor weakness

Post pregnancy, many women will find a reduction in their pelvic floor muscle control. This area can be re-strengthened with the help of a physiotherapist, who can provide specific pelvic floor exercises and a Pilates based exercise program.


diastasis recti (abdominal separation)

During pregnancy, women may experience Diastasis Recti due to excessive stretching of the abdominal muscles. This condition is more common in women who have had multiple pregnancies. Although the condition presents during the pregnancy, no treatment is necessary until after the birth. Physiotherapy treatment for this condition may include strengthening exercises, or a Pilates based exercise program to work and repair the damaged abdominal muscles and re strengthen their core muscles.