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Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Adelaide

Pain Management


Chronic musculoskeletal disorders are a significant cause of disability in Australia today. Pain has many valuable functions and, in acute conditions, is the indicator of trauma or danger to the human body. Memories of the earlier pain and suffering warn us to protect and defend an area which has been in danger. The persistence of pain for prolonged periods results in chronic pain. Chronic pains are not warning of imminent danger but are the response of neural or brain mechanisms which have gone awry. Thus chronic pain is no longer indicating a disease process but becomes the disease itself.




Modern pain science offers a pain management strategy to help reduce the effects of this very debilitating and misunderstood condition. Here at Core Physiotherapy and Pilates Studio, we make use of the latest research and development in Pain Sciences available to help find solutions to chronic pain conditions.


these strategies include

1. Comprehensive assessment of the pain condition

2. Biomechanical analysis of any factors affecting the condition

3. Discussion of factors contributing to the condition

4. Implementation of any physical aids to manage the condition

5. Explain Pain neuroscience and self strategies to assist pain management

6. Advice on physical exercise programmes safe to pursue considering the pain condition which could incorporate supervised exercise or home exercise strategies