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Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Adelaide

Dry needling


Dry needling for muscle tightness


Lindsey* came into Core Physiotherapy with very tight forearm muscles, a result of holding her two month old baby whilst she was breastfeeding. She was finding that the position was becoming more difficult to maintain and was worried about continuing to be able to breastfeed her child. After assessing Lindsey's* arm we discovered that she had muscle tightness through her neck, shoulder and forearm. When we felt the tenderness of Lindsey's* muscles in her arm there were significant sore spots that reproduced her pain. We also discovered that her neck and shoulders were particularly tender and reproduced some pain down her arm.

Lindsey* received treatment for her arm that involved dry needling. Straight after the session she was a little tender, but reported there wasn't the same type of pain when she was breastfeeding.

After one month of receiving dry needling with stretching and strengthening exercises Lindsey's* now 4 month old baby is happily still breastfeeding and growing like a mushroom!

*The name has been changed to protect the privacy of our client.

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