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Core Physiotherapy & Pilates Studio Adelaide

McKenzie Spine Therapy in Adelaide


The McKenzie System offers a complete system of assessment and management of spinal complaints that was developed in New Zealand in the 1970's and is now one of the most researched forms of Physiotherapy for spinal complaints.




the McKenzie method

The McKenzie assessment method uses a step-by-step process to evaluate the patient's problem quickly and allows for a clear diagnosis and understanding of the complaint. From this understanding, a management program can be created that focuses not only on manual therapy, but also importantly on self-mangement exercises, posture education and importantly on lifestyle changes that allow the problem to heal without aggrevation an not re-occur.


the benefits to you

The McKenzie Method believes that ultimately most patients can treat themselves when provided with the necessary knowledge and tools. By learning how to self-treat the current problem, patients gain hands-on knowledge on how to minimise the risk of reccurrence and to rapidly deal with recurrence if it occurs. The likelihood of problems persisting can more likely be prevented through self-maintenance.



the McKenzie method at Core Physiotherapy

At Core Physiotherapy, The Mckenzie Method is one of our main pillars of treatment when we manage spinal complaints. All staff have completed or are in the process of completing training in the McKenzie method.


This system informs our approach to assessing and understanding spinal pain. It is the first line of attack in the treatment of spinal pain and is our mainstay in teaching clients how to prevent their problem coming back when they are better.


tools to assist you

As part of our program, we stock some equipment and tools used as part of the McKenzie approach. These include:

  • McKenzie Lumbar Rolls
  • Treat Your Own Back and Neck books
  • Sleeping supports
  • Neck supports and pillows

If you require any of these items, you may contact one of our offices to discuss placing an order with our admin staff.





Treat Your Own Neck, McKenzie.R

Treat Your Own Back, McKenzie.R

Lumbar Spine, McKenzie.R